Internet addiction in all its forms is our era’s cigarettes.

But I think too many people point fingers instead of offering solutions.

So I created Taming Your Tech to share the spread of solutions I learned and practiced over years.

I cite scientific papers in almost every post. That way you get science-backed solutions, not finger-pointing and scaremongering.

Me. White, glasses, spiky hair, facial scruff.

Hi, I'm Michael Sharber.

I was addicted to WoW in my adolescence through college years, and porn and YouTube for years, too. Long story short, I wasted too much time and waived too many formative experiences. But rather than forever feel that sting, I created this blog to give my suffering meaning. And to share with you the insights I learned from multiple recovery groups so you don’t have to feel that sting either (or anymore).

Here are some fun ones:

  • hope is constructed by you, no matter how little hope you think you have
  • desire implies lack; lack is suffering; suffering demands release
  • sometimes you just want dopamine hits and don’t have an underlying wound to pathologize

Core values

  • Don’t fight the old, build the new.
  • Solutions, not problems.
  • Intentional > disposal. Substitute.
  • It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
  • The war is just a series of easier and easier battles.

What you'll find here

The Taming Your Tech blog contains 30+ articles on Internet, pornography, social media, and video game addiction. Science in almost every post. I also have a document library of free templates, worksheets, and shortcuts, as well as a video library and community forum in The Tamers Lodge. (COMING SOON)

"Life is an MMORPG. The only losing move is not to play."
- Michael Sharber
Chief Dragon Slayer

Why not specialize in one? Because all behavioral addictions share overlap in the affected areas of the brain, namely the ventral tegmental area-nucleus accumbens pathway, or VTA-NAc. (oof)

Besides, plenty of strategies work for everything.

But due to cross sensitization, if you’ve got one, you’re vulnerable to another. Internet addiction is like a fierce hydra, and you Hercules.
Internet addiction, the cyberspace hydra

Praise! (for my soon-to-be-republished ebook Game On)

"This book written from an ex-gamer perspective takes a non-judgmental look at exactly what elements make games so addictive and how to reclaim your life knowing better."
Nicole Rawson
Nicole Rawson, MBA
founder of Screen Time Clinic
"[Michael] motivates behavior change using language, analogies, and metaphors that are familiar and engaging, while incorporating evidence-based principles from neuroscience and behavioral psychology. Game On has incredible potential to inspire change by offering the tools to rediscover a life worth living."
Nick Morelli
Nick Morelli
Clinical psychology graduate student researcher

So by extension, my "life is an MMORPG" idea (and blog) has merit!

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