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Just some resources I find helpful for both curbing impulses and long-term attachment. (I got a lot of these from my recovery group.)

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Taming Your Tech resources

  1. Read these two short pieces about what recovery is and what it isn’t.
  2. Understand your psychological wound via my kintsugi theory. (though sometimes you just want dopamine kicks)
  3. Bookmark my Panic Button and click it when you feel strong cravings. It’ll only make sense once you understand my kintsugi theory, though.
  4. Pick a blocker from my comparison chart. Curated to save you time and frustration.
  5. Have you considered a free membership to Tamers Lodge?
Remember, addictions form when a psychological need goes unmet. The addictive object often facilitates that by being addictive, but it's a two-way street. Only through healthy substitution—building a life that rules out addiction—can you overcome the "need." Escapism is a bandage.

General screentime tools

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Internet addiction tools

Porn category

Porn addiction tools

Methods ranked in order of claimed helpfulness:

  1. Easy Peasy Method (based on the Easypeasy Method to Quit Smoking)
  2. The Easyway to Quit Porn
  3. Porn Bad
  4. The Flying Eagle Method
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Social media addiction tools

Video game addiction tools

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