Never feel powerless again

Based on 7 books and over 70 scientific papers, this life-building strategy will give you a blueprint to escaping escapism.

If you’re tired of wasting hours or years on YouTube, video games, porn, or social media, Quests aligned with your signature strengths are the footholds out of that pit.

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What you'll earn with Quests...

  • More meaning in life (meaning is quantifiable and buildable)
  • More hope, lasting motivation, and well-being (also buildable, no matter how hopeless you think your special case is)
  • More self-control in all areas of your life
  • Less sensitivity to addiction triggers / cues
  • More positive emotions and fewer negative ones, which leads to more goal success in all areas (explaining “luck”)
  • More self-efficacy (belief you can do something)
  • More intentionality, the ability to throw away things that don’t serve you
  • And less need to escape through screen-based false pleasure.

Many techniques scientifically proven against depression, anxiety, stress, even chronic pain.

The Quests core philosophy

“Darkness is not something that exists on its own—it’s the name we give for the absence of light. Perhaps people have bad habits because they lack the light of good habits, which permits a dark void in their life. When you add good habits into your life, it illuminates another possible path, restores your confidence, and gives you hope. It also serves as a brilliant foundation from which to build.”

– Stephen Guise, Mini Habits

candle in the darkness illustration

Get all this and more with your Quests Log.
Here's what I'll cover in each chapter:

1. Signature Strengths

2. Committed action

3. Go from hopeless to masterful

4. Self-regulation vs. self-control

5. Mini & Elastic Habits

6. Good Quest design

7. Sneak up sideways

8. Willpower

9. Epic Wins

(BONUS) Quest template

Sample pages

Chapter 1 page 1 sample
Quests sample 4: Positive Affect

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