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If you read my article The how and the why of tech addiction recovery, you know the “why” of habit change overrides in necessity the “how.” You must understand your core need and fill it with healthy substitutes, or no change technique will work. According to my kintsugi theory of self-repair, there are at least seven.

Still, while you practice resistance and unearth that need, blockers can help. No matter your tech dragon, these can at least delay bad decisions.

That’s why I made this blockers comparison sheet.

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Blockers for all tech addictions

Tech blockers: your sword and shield

This list will save you time, frustration, and confusion on finding and selecting a blocker. Sites like are helpful, but they include outdated, unsafe, or weird software that might not even work.

Notes on curation:

  • I only included software designed for the addict, not for families or corporations.
  • I excluded DNS-based blockers, since they can be turned off as easily as on.
  • I excluded browser-based blockers, because you can use a different browser to get around it.
  • I excluded general ones, like those for digital detoxing.
  • There are 22 I excluded from this list, and plenty more on the App Store. So many are similar, and I see no point in disclosing the ones I rejected, or their reasons why. This list is the best of the best.
  • For accountability software, remember, if you never pluck the underlying desire, then when you remove the software, it’s only a matter of time before you go back to your addiction.

“The filters give zero motivation to ‘never’ look at porn.” – Ron DeHaas, CEO of Covenant Eyes

If you choose an accountability software or Stickk, create a random password and, without looking, send it to someone you trust. Tell them to never give you it back under any circumstances. If your rules are set up to block all your enemies, this is the best blocking method.

Click here to access my blockers comparison sheet. (Yes, it’s free!)

Taming Your Tech Blockers Comparison Sheet

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